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vd-map-closeup-fbAbout four years ago I got the bright idea to paint a map inspired by the Game of Thrones universe – Esso and Westeros, also called “The Known World”. It took nearly three years to complete with a busy day job and remodeling my home at the time. I put a lot of time into it because I loved the idea and was determine to not only complete it, but do it in such a way that it would fit into the show- picture Daenerys, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons, preparing her voyages and conquests, with my map spread out over the table, a loose sheet of canvas, held down with a silver dagger inlaid with a giant diamond on one side, and broken slave collars on the other.


I realize there’s literally no chance of that happening, of course, so when a friend offered to make a frame to house it temporarily, I trimmed the canvas, took a few photos for prosperity, and carefully put it in the frame.


But then, we spoke, and the super wonderful nice guy that he was, Mr. Davies offered me a selfie and again told me how clever my maps were. Thanks Mr. Davies!

But when a waitlisted table came up at Sci Fi Valley Con in Altoona this past year, I decided to go for it. I called up my favorite local print shop, got a quote, and had the files to them in a matter of hours. I got logo stickers, ordered table clothes and display items, and packed up a crate. When the weekend came, I was so excited! I ended up going in costume, first Charlie from Supernatural, then The Maid from American Horror Story Season 1, and finally my “spirit outfit”, my Gryffindor uniform.


The weekend was a total blast, and I sold quite a few posters, and was left extras and quite a bit of requests for online sales. So it took a while to set up a store and get a security certificate, but I made it happen!


You can now order both sizes of the poster in my Shop, a 11″ x 19″ smaller size, and a full size 36″ x 24″ poster. For a limited time, you can get Con Prices on these until Saturday, November 26th, 2016! Just use coupon SCIFICON at checkout!


Thank you so much for reading and following along!


My map prints, all wrapped up and ready to go. You can now order them online in my shop!