Book & Layout Design

Page layout and design, cover design, and file management for both digital and print books.

Custom Harry Potter Books

Commissioned from Meg of Peskycat Papercraft, based on my design. The original books were purchased as paperbacks, then stripped and rebound with custom accessories of my design. I also designed custom end pages for the beginning and end of each book.

The Christmas Truck

A heartwarming children's Christmas book by author J.B. Blankenship and illustrated by Cassandre Bolan, currently available in Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, and German. Foreword's Book of the Year Indiefab Finalist. Photoshop, In Design.

When celebrating a special Christmas tradition things go awry. Papa, Dad, their amazing kid, and one fabulous grandmother work together and implement a plan to save Christmas for a child they have never met. It’s a story where joy is found in giving and selfless acts unite families.

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Broken Glass - An Alicia Jacobs Novel

Book cover and layout design for an up-and-coming author, Amanda Thurston. Photoshop, In Design.

Alicia Jacobs just lost her job, it seems like everything is going wrong and it can only get worse. Her girlfriend calls her late at night, from jail. Alicia heads out to run to her rescue only to get mixed up in some pretty dangerous stuff. Even Alicia couldn’t predict what happens next. From car chases to kidnapping can anything go right for this tough as nails lawyer?

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Cozy Fan Tooty

Created as part of the SitStayRead curriculum, this book introduces children to the joy of reading while inspiring them to write their own stories. Written by author J.B. Blankenship and illustrated by J.W. Balsley. Layout and cover design: Photoshop, In Design.

The students in Mr. Barkley’s class think reading and writing are boring. When Mr. Barkley introduces a magic book and his talking dog, Cozy Fan Tooty, class becomes an adventure! Whatever a student writes in the book and reads out loud comes true! What stories will the children write?

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